NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (Kepler GPU) vs GTX 580

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 versus geForce GTX 580

If this slide is not a fake, the Kepler-based GK110 GPU GeForce GTX 780 (no longer GTX 680) is nearly twice faster than current GTX 580. I really like the weeks and days before launch of new generations of graphics cards, because NVIDIA and AMD seem to have the same and eternal problem of plumbing…

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10 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (Kepler GPU) vs GTX 580”

  1. Mars_999

    Dam it, I was planning on that Radeon 7900 series now I need to wait… ;(

  2. TrollHunter

    Wait a second, Nvidias own road map said they where holding back on the next gen range till NOV/DEC 2012, with only budget and laptop grade rubbish from the new range even being released 5 months after ATi’s new range… so did they lie to the public to get ATi to show its GPU first or is this fake… (more likely)

  3. efekare

    It’s fake and FUD !

    Metro goes up X2.2 while Batman and Dirt3 up to X1.8 ?


  4. Ahaha

    Ahah I love that type of figure: only TWIMTBP games and why not showing exactly the fps in each game, instead of that questionable coefficient…

  5. JC

    Should say “Metro: Last Light”

    The graphic must be fake, that is a huge mistake from marketing department.

  6. NV

    New 290.53 beta drivers from Nvidia.









  7. Squall Leonhart

    “Wait a second, Nvidias own road map said they where holding back on the next gen range till NOV/DEC 2012”

    no it didn’t, stop spreading fud.

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