Eizo RadiForce RX840: A 36.4-inch Monitor with an Insane 4096×2160 Resolution

Eizo RadiForce RX840

At last a big monitor with a decent resolution: 4096×2160 for a 36.4-inch LCD panel. Okay, this monitor is intended for medical imaging visualization but after all, pixel are pixels, and I think the monitor doesn’t care if the pixels come from a medical app or from a Direct3D pixel shader like a game.

The 25ms response time can be a bit slow for a gaming monitor but I’d really like to see my apps running on this screen!

The price is unknown (several thousand of $) but if someone knows it, just post a comment.
Update (2011.12.12): according to a Geeks3D’s reader, RX840 price is around 21000 euros.

Eizo RadiForce RX840

This guy had the opportunity to test the RX840 with DiRT 3: must be really cool!

Eizo RadiForce RX840, DiRT 3
Eizo RadiForce RX840, DiRT 3

More information about the RX840 can be found HERE

7 thoughts on “Eizo RadiForce RX840: A 36.4-inch Monitor with an Insane 4096×2160 Resolution”

  1. Athlonite

    This monitor require the use of 2 yup that’s TWO Display port connectors or 2 duel link DVI to run……. HOLY shit

  2. DrBalthar


    Disagree QuadHD is a stupid format since there is no content made for it. While this one fits nicely in the 4k cinema format.

  3. Grog

    It costs about 21000€…

    (yes, i work in the medical industry. no, i don’t have one lying around for testing… 😉 )

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