Desktop Operating System Market Share: WinXP still Dominates!

Operating system market share

Here are some interesting statistics about operating system market for desktop on November 2011. Windows XP is still the most used operating system. Microsoft’OSes represent more than 90% of the market. Recent versions of Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7 with around 5% are ahead of Linux with a small 1.31%. And Windows 8 is already in the market, with an pico 0.03% 😀

Operating system market share

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9 thoughts on “Desktop Operating System Market Share: WinXP still Dominates!”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    thats coz the majority of systems out there are not capable of running higher than XP..theres still ALOT of single core p4 based systems running 512mb..
    and its quite justified i ya really need the latest and greatest OS just to do some simple word processing, emails, and the occasional web surfing?..

    and how can windows 8 have any ‘market’ share..its not even on the market yet..sure its being used in beta stages..but it hasnt been sold..that table/pie is more like OS ‘usage’

  2. Tachikoma

    We just moved into a brand new hospital, with 100% brand new IT infrastructure. All workstations use Core i5 architecture… and Windows XP. Legacy requirement is a bitch.

  3. WacKEDmaN

    @YulFi: i know windows8 dev preview is out there (ive run it on a VM) but its not actually on the market, you cant go out any buy it (but i guess that can be said about most linux distros too)..makeing that pie/table a usage chart, not a maket share

    im reading the FAQ on netmarketshare, they call it “internet usage market share” its only counting systems that connect to the internet, and systems that hit one of their 40000 partner based sites, which (IMO) is not really anything thing to go by

  4. WacKEDmaN

    and they also weight their findings based on country..
    “For example, if our global data shows that Brazil represents 2% of our traffic, and the CIA table shows Brazil to represent 4% of global Internet traffic, we will count each unique visitor from Brazil twice. This is done to balance out our global data”

    so IMO that data is totally flawed

  5. MaNiAc

    At the company i work for there are hundreds of PCs / notebooks (many of them are brand new rigs with 64bit, 4+ gig ram, etc!) running 32bit XP, because years ago some smartass decided to build some crappy patching system which is not compatible with 7. Way to go, huh…

  6. Wolfie

    Still using Xp in my office.

    There was a Win7 upgrade program but then the global economic implosion took hold and anything not revenue specific got cancelled.

    For most folks Xp works.

  7. Clinton

    lol i find statistics funny especially this one as i have vmware esxi 5.0 with many different OS on it ( NOT MAC LOL ) for my company and i need a mix of linux and windows for everyday use.

    Linux is best for Servers ect, windows 7 best for everyday usage and games, but i still have xp too its light it runs on a oily rag i use it as a FileServer and media server sure i stripped it down to bare bones installed only what i needed but it does the job and easy to strip down. plus compatable with most formats ( fat FAT32 NTFS ) mod << linux formatted drives as well. but all that been said people who got more then 3GB and 64bit really should get 64bit os as the people that do have the power and ram could use better software as most software still 32bit 🙁

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