NVIDIA Kepler GPUs Roadmap: GK107, GK106, GK104, GK110 and GK112

NVIDIA Kepler GPUs Roadmap: GK107, GK106, GK104, GK110 and GK112

2012 will be Kepler‘s year. Entry level GPUs (GK107, GK106, GK104) before (confirmed by GPU-Z 0.5.6 that brings the support only for the GK107…), big GPUs, like the GeForce GTX 680 (GK110) or the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 690 (GK112) are planned for the end of 2012, beginning of 2013… All GPUs will be DX11.1 capable and based on TSMC’s 28nm process.

Maxwell architecture, Kepler’s successor, is planned for 2013:

NVIDIA CUDA GPUs Roadmap: Kepler, Maxwell

Source: 4gamer

12 thoughts on “NVIDIA Kepler GPUs Roadmap: GK107, GK106, GK104, GK110 and GK112”

  1. przemo_li

    Wonder if this time OpenGL will be first (ok, OpenGL 4.2 brought few features from DX11.1 :), but still I would like to see it as permament trend).

    And yes, Apple could bring newer OpenGL, asap.

    Why there is Tesla on that comparision? I thought that Tesla only refers to mobile Nivida GPUs. Fermi is about desktop, as well es Keppler. Maxwell will be desktop too? Or maybe it will be mobile-desktop hybride?

  2. Toto

    That slide looks strange to me.
    I would expect the GTX 570 / 580 replacements to be available before June/July 2012.

    OEM are already having problems ordering large quantities of these cards due to reduced availability.


  3. atikkur

    whoa,, dx11.1, whats the difference? and dx11 hardly implemented yet.

  4. Anil Mahmud

    This is fake 100% garunteed. Specs like this also floated around before the release of other nvidia chips. There is no way Nvidia will be late by a year than ATI.

  5. Hani

    Hey Anil Mahmud.

    I hope you are right. I did not buy the 500 series because i thought the high-end 600 series would be available on 1Q 2012.

  6. fellix

    DX11.1 is rather minor upgrade to the API, more geared towards providing better control over the pipeline for better debugging.

  7. DrBalthar

    That roadmap looks a bit odd or nVidia is in more trouble with their 28nm transition than they are saying (which is would not be the first time). According to this chart their high-end part will be a half year later than AMD’s offering (again!). Considering that Keppler is basically just a fixed Fermi that would be rather surprising

  8. NV

    Nvidia has released GeForce 290.36 beta drivers.







  9. Geforce

    !! NVIDIA!! I want GK112 ready before this Christmas 2012….. because I will be buying Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge Extreme along with Nvidia Geforce Kepler (GK112) & 16GB DDR 3 1600 Mhz, Full High Definition Monitor, system running Windows 8 64-Bit wow what a cool gaming PC. 😀

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