8 thoughts on “If Quake Was Done Today”

  1. Promilus

    The vid lacks something … ahh, yes, QTE … plz press Q, E, Q, Q, E, LMB, E, RMB … now, that boss wasn’t so hard, wasn’t he??

  2. DrBalthar

    If Quake was done today no one would play it not even hardcore Quake fans. The saddest thing is that Quake is basically Doom done again with a new engine. Heck if the weapons are the same.

  3. MaNiAc

    So true.

    Btw DrBalthar… i’d play it. Anytime. Rather an oldschool FPS than those unbalanced class-based crappy shooters that are made nowadays one after another, based on the same cliches.

  4. Athlonite

    yuk thank god I have about 50 maps and 40+ bot models to choose from in Quake 3

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