Hybrid PhysX Patch v1.05ff Released


For the owners of hybrid systems (with Radeon for 3D rendering and a GeForce for PhysX), a new Hybrid PhysX patch (made by GenL) is available. The version 1.05ff works with latest NVIDIA R285 drivers.

You can download it HERE.

Hybrid PhysX Patch v1.05ff

I quickly tested the patch (Radeon HD 6870 + GeForce GT 240) and it works fine with FluidMark 1.2.0:

Hybrid PhysX Patch v1.05ff, FluidMark

But oddly, the patch has no effect with FluidMark 1.3.1: still CPU PhysX. I should update FluidMark, maybe that will work a bit better!

The mod works also fine with FluidMark 1.3.1:

Hybrid PhysX Patch v1.05ff, FluidMark

The diff between FluidMark 1.2.0 and 1.3.1 is the driverless model. FluidMark v1.3.1 has been compiled with one of the first versions of the PhysX SDK that offered the new driverless model. So, just copy the patched version of PhysXDevice.dll (in C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common) in FluidMark 1.3.1 folder. That’s all. And thanks Zogrim to refresh my deficient neurons 😉

And for GeeXLab, same treatment than for FluidMark 1.3.1.

4 thoughts on “Hybrid PhysX Patch v1.05ff Released”

  1. Zogrim

    “I should update FluidMark”
    You should replace PhysXDevice.dll in FluidMark folder with patched one from PSS drivers.

    So many time has passed since driverless PhysX was released, I’m wondering why you are still not aware.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    … just because I touch PhysX once a year so I forget details 😉 Anyway, I just tested and it works fine. Post updated!

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