Rumor: Two GPUs in the iPhone 5?

If this video is not a fake, we show (okay it’s not very limpid) a guy with a prototype of the iPhone 5 and switching between two GPUs: the SGX535 and the SGX545


4 thoughts on “Rumor: Two GPUs in the iPhone 5?”

  1. Leith Bade

    Waste of power to have two GPUs. I doubt Apple would sacrifice battery life.

    If it were an iPad it might be more believable.

    So far every indication is that they will use the iPad 2 CPU/GPU.

  2. Romain

    Waste of power, waste of silicon (redundant unit), not even considering bus issues…

    If they were to put 2 GPUs, it would be far simpler to put a “higher-end” model instead : better throughput, smaller silicon, better battery usage.

  3. Ayyappa

    This seems to be fake. But right now the ipad 2 and iphone 4S do have power vr’s SGX 543 MP2 which means it will have 2 cores…(double the performance of SGX 543).

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