MSI Kombustor 2.2.0 Beta Released with New OpenGL Benchmarks

MSI Kombustor 2.2.0 Beta

*** UPDATE ***: new Kombustor v2.2.2 is available HERE.

A new beta version of Kombustor, MSI’s GPU stress test and benchmarking tool for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards, is available.

You can download the latest beta version of Kombustor 2.2.x here (left-click to grab the file):

You can post your feedbacks or bug reports in the following places: Afterburner forum, Kombustor 2.2.0 thread @ Geeks3D forums, oZone3D.Net GPU tools forum or in the comments section of this article.

Kombustor 2.2.0 comes with bugfixes (including one that, time to time, hung Kombustor at the end of tests, due to a vicious multi-threading bug), some internal changes (like hardware monitoring code in a separate thread) and above all, new 3D tests and benchmarks.

MSI Kombustor 2.2.0 Beta

There are three new tests available in the new 3D Tests panel:

  • Wavy Plane: it’s an OpenGL 2 test that deform with a wave an ultra dense mesh plane. According to the preset, the mesh plane is made up of 8 million (preset 1080) or 4 million triangles (preset 720). This test should work on any graphics card (look at this score: Wavy Plane, preset:1080, Intel HD 2000 GPU).

    MSI Kombustor 2.2.0, Wavy Plane, OpenGL 2 benchmark

  • Fractal Flame: this is an OpenGL 3.3 test that render a fractal flame made up of millions of point sprite particles. Depending on the preset, the fractal is made up of 4 million (preset:1080) or 2 million (preset:720) points.

    MSI Kombustor 2.2.0, Fractal Flame, OpenGL 3.3 benchmark

  • Tessy Spheres on Plane (v2): this OpenGL 4 test draws three tessellated spheres on a tessellated plane. Depending on the preset, tessellation factors are X16 (preset:1080) or X8 (preset:720). As you see, there is room for higher tessellation factors (for masters of tessellation only…).

    MSI Kombustor 2.2.0, Tessy Spheres on Plane, OpenGL 4 benchmark

All scores and comparative tables are available here: MSI Kombustor Online Scores.

MSI Kombustor 2.2.0 Beta changelog

  • New: add new OpenGL 2 benchmark: Wavy Plane.
  • New: add new OpenGL 3.3 benchmark: Fractal Flame.
  • New: add new OpenGL 4 benchmark: Tessy Spheres on Plane.
  • New: add new 3D Tests panel with several new benchmarks.
  • Change: added the temperature of the first GPU in the window title bar.
  • Change: moved the update of GPU data in a separate thread.
  • Bugfix: in score submission when primary renderer in not based on GeForce or Radeon GPUs.
  • Bugfix: fixed a nasty deadlock that hung Kombustor sometimes at the end the tests.
  • Bugfix: many minor bugs fixed.

8 thoughts on “MSI Kombustor 2.2.0 Beta Released with New OpenGL Benchmarks”

  1. JeGX Post Author

    Could you post some screenshots of the problem if there is something to see? Can you reproduce the issue?

  2. ktornai

    For me, I can start the demos (gl2, gl3, but gl4 not supported in gf9800), until I try to start them with the preset buttons. After that the demos won’t start anymore. None of the 3 buttons start the demos.
    The burn-in demos run fine after that.

    Anyway, no visual weirdness in the demos.

  3. JeGX Post Author

    Thanks ktornai. I tried to reproduce what you told me but in any case, everything is okay. I used a GeForce 9600 GT. I need more feedback about this curious issue…

  4. ktornai

    My max resolution is 1680×1050, so it can’t run the 1080 preset mode, it’s ok, but after clicking the 1080 button, it won’t start demos in 720, or custom presets (“Start test”).

  5. mesterial

    Hi, I can’t submit my results. It says “submission ok” though, but nothing appears on the website :/
    Any ideas please?

  6. clonazepam

    I enabled ‘sli’ in the kombustor profile. Running the KMark 1080 preset results in a score in the 4000s, it should be upwards of 16000-20000, using 3 gtx 580s. Only a few tests seem to utilize all 3 gpus, most tax one fully, while the others throttle at 50% or so. Thanks.

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