(Download) MSI Kombustor 2.1.2 BETA Released

MSI Kombustor 2.1.2 BETA

A new beta version of Kombustor, MSI’s GPU stress test and benchmarking tool, is available.

MSI Kombustor 2.1.2 BETA

Kombustor 2.1.2 does not bring big new things except a little update at the level of the on-screen information in the 3D window.

A GPU loadmeter as well as a GPU thermometer are now displayed in the 3D zone. The GPU loadmeter is useful in fullscreen mode with multi-GPU systems (SLI or CrossFire). It behaves like NVIDIA SLI Visual Indicator, allowing to know if all GPUs are properly loaded.

The old 3D GPUs (top-right) have been replaced by a simple (and neater) graphics card image.

The audio system in use in KMark, the OpenGL 4 benchmark, has been fully updated and replaced by OpenAL + Ogg/Vorbis.

MSI Kombustor 2.1.2 BETA

Kombustor branch 2.1.x is an intermediary branch (I prepare the path for the next version). Real new things will take place with the branch 2.2.x, which is already in the works!

*** MSI Kombustor 2.2.0 beta available! ***


You can download the latest beta version of Kombustor 2.1.x here (left-click to grab the file):

You can post your feedbacks or bug reports in this forum (Guru3D) or in this post.

MSI Kombustor 2.1.2 BETA
The GPU burner or stress test (Direct3D 9 API selected)

5 thoughts on “(Download) MSI Kombustor 2.1.2 BETA Released”

  1. msweed4life

    nice!!! HD6770
    KMark score (OpenGL 4): 2430 points (47 FPS)
    Graphics score: 2421 points (42 FPS)
    PhysX score: 2587 points (121 FPS, 131 SPS, CPU PhysX)
    Combined score: 2365 points (21 FPS, 107 SPS)
    Q6600 3.0GHZ 1280×720

  2. Anon

    “The program can’t start because D3DCompiler_42.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.”

    I’ve gotten this message through about 5 re installs now

  3. JeGX Post Author

    To get D3DCompiler_42.dll, launch the DXSETUP.exe in the DirectX_Install/ folder in Kombustor directory.

  4. rokitchikin

    @jegx holy crap thank you. first fix that didnt ask me to download some retarded malware or scam program. quick, simple and it works thanks a lot bud.

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