Raytraced Water Simulation (WebGL)

WebGL, Water simulation

Update (2011.08.22): the latest update of Firefox 6 supports now the OES_texture_float extension.

Here is a cool WebGL demo that shows a water simulation with raytraced reflections and refraction. Currently this WebGL demo works only on Chrome because it requires the OES_texture_float WebGL extension. Fortunately for Firefox users (Firefox prior to 6 or other browsers that do not support the extension), the developer has youtubed his demo:

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13 thoughts on “Raytraced Water Simulation (WebGL)”

  1. JEskandari

    well for me the demo seems to work on both
    Firefox 6beta and also Firefox 7beta after
    the update

  2. spiked_mistborn

    Working fine for me too on Nightly with Cat 11.8 preview.

  3. Ahmad

    It does not work on IE9 because it does not support WebGL on Security reason excuses (lame). Also Chrome and Firefox uses same WebGL library for WebGL:
    So if any demo works on Chrome, it will surely work on Firefox unless FF using older version.

    Just clearing!!! No Offense!!

  4. Lukas

    As far as i know chrome is the only browser that supports the OES_standard_derivatives extension. Safari and FF support OES_texture_float. That means Safari & firefox render something, but not the same as chrome. Tried to compare it and I’m pretty sure the caustics look way nicer in chrome.

  5. Ahmad

    You are right.. In Chrome, demo looks more cooler than Firefox e.g; Chrome got lightening effects on ripples while Firefox does not have such thing.

  6. Ruslan

    Video really lacks reflection/caustics on the sides when walls get culled. Also, physics of sinking ball is just painfully wrong.
    In other regards, video is nice.

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