Crysis 2 Direct3D 11 Effects Overview

A look at the new DX11 effects in Crysis 2. This patch includes the following features:

  • Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
  • Tessellated FFT (fast fourier transform) water simulation
  • Particle motion blur (such as sparks)
  • Sprite-based bokeh depth-of-field
  • Particle shadows
  • Shadows with variable penumbra
  • Water interaction — sub-surface scattering and wave crest foam approximation using the domain shader
  • Real-time local reflections (RLR) – Approximates ray-traced HDR reflections local to objects
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    1. komar

      quick test on dx9 vs dx11

      MAXED OUT 1920/1200 DX11 ULTRa SPECS

      I7-965 – GTX 590
      40 FPS dx11
      58.3 FPS dx9.

      ps: hi-def textures don’t look as good as some custom work done by the gamer community of crysis. ..

      But add of POM is really ammazing , tesslation too.
      particules shadows and better blur and bokey effect DOF.
      Water well improved and new HDR really worth it.

      Point; the game is finally like it should be .

    2. Arun

      I just started playing the game again from the beginning with the directx 11 patch … and it looks really awesome and man i am loving it…

      And one more thing after installing the patch with directx 11 enabled the game is running very smooth .. don’t know what they have put into that patch it rocks

    3. fellix

      The improved tone-map operator is also a very welcome feature. It dials down the overly saturated colour palette of the output image in the original version of the game.

    4. WTF

      they forgot to add the important bit at the end of the list

      “Brought sucky black borders back if you use a HDTV which locks it to 24p mode” yet runs perfect windowed

    5. tayga

      lol game comsoles/pc’s can’t do 24Hz refresh. it’s only for movies since there are filmed at 24fps ya dunce :p games on consoles can only max out at 60fps any higher and it would make more heat and consume more of your hardware=more wear and tear since my cpu is not healthy (kernal panics) from over heating accdently. and i think you got borders on your tv because it running on a diff aspect ratio/resolution. computer monitors 16:10 tv monitors 16:9 and thats why youll see some game that force 16:9 ratio like F.E.A.R. 2. i hate using my hdmi since tv’s have that 5-10% screen strech

    6. Psolord


      Indeed man! 😆

      Why on earth aren’t they using a framerate selector, since they knew these problems existed in the DX10 version of Crysis and Warhead!? Jesus Christ some people never learn.

      In any case, some of the original Crysis Solutions, work here as well in both ATI and Nvidia configurations.

      If you need some help, let me know. 😉

    7. ssCrazy

      Can anyone tell me where I can find some information on the RLR used in this patch (realtime local reflections)?
      They don’t say much on the PDF T_T

    8. komar

      i think u should overpass the issue using ati tray tool , it’s allow you to overpass the 24p mode and go back to 1920×1200@60hz for example.

    9. WTF

      Guess Tayga needs to go back to school, PCs can do 24p… otherwise why does it have the option in my drivers pages?

    10. WTF

      I experimented with the Alt-Enter trickes that fixed older crysis titles, but the frame rates are far lower in the fullscreen than in windowed mode at exact same res (1080p in my case) which leaves it a bad coding NOT bad hardware.

    11. Psolord


      I offered some help before. There are solutions for both Nvidia and ATI cards. I have both. If you want this help, just say so, along with the card you have. Multiple ATL+Enter does not work in Crysis 2.

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