Geeks3D Programming Links – June 12, 2011

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Here are some links I tweeted and retweeted about coding, programming and other developers stuff. If you have a link, just send me a tweet @JeGX.

  • Useful little functions by iq for your shaders or other graphics programming tasks.
  • Gamedev: Bezier curves tutorial
  • Least Squares Vertex Baking: cool ambient occlusion using per vertex data.
  • Image Filters using CPU and GPU using a webcam and OpenCV
  • Rutt-Etra-Izer is a WebGL emulation of the classic Rutt-Etra video synthesizer. The demo replicates the Z-displacement, scanned-line look of the original, but does not attempt to replicate it’s full feature set.
  • OpenCL / OpenGL interop tutorial: update the world transform of instanced meshes on the GPU
  • Lot of cool WebGL demos
  • Happyfuncoding is a place to learn and teach programming using a simple and fun Javascript interface.
  • Sproxel v0.3 released. Sproxel is a sprite voxel editor. I can now export OBJ files. I’ll try it later!
  • Overview of the new instructions in Intel’s Haswell microarchitecture
  • OpenCV tutorial: Estimating Projective Relations in Images. OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is an open source library containing more than 500 optimized algorithms for image and video analysis.
  • GLM released.
  • Alexander Lyashevsky (AMD Performance Application Engineering organization) talks about the futur of OpenCL and facial recongnition technologies:

    we won’t see a “simple” solution for object recognition until the scientists who create algorithms and build applications fully comprehend, and take advantage of, the teraflops that we – the computer hardware industry – are providing to every consumer buying an average desktop, laptop or tablet PC. So, keep your eyes open in the next 3-5 years for more exciting advancements!!

    Read more HERE

  • According to the Entertainment Software Association which represents the game industry, the average gamer today is 37 years old. Read more: A child’s hobby? Average gamer is 37 years old.
  • id Software co-founder John Carmack talks, in a 20-minute interview, about Rage, PC, consoles and future hardware. Read more: HERE and HERE.
  • Wireshark, a very popular open source and cross-platform network protocol analyser, has been updated to version 1.6.0

Virus Made of Beautiful Glass
Harmful Virus’ Made of Beautiful Glass