HP Mini 210-2100 Netbook Review

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9 – HP Mini 210-2100: Conclusion

For around UDS $380, you have a functional netbook with a recent Intel Atom multi-core CPU. The image browsing under Linux was done on the battery. The battery was full at the beginning and after a small hour of image visualization, the battery level was around 85%.

The 10.1″ LED screen is enough for internet surfing and the keyboard is comfortable. The N550 dual-core CPU brings additional speed compared to a single core CPU but for some operation like image visualization, the system is a bit slow.

The graphics sub-system part is the most disappointing part. The GMA 3150 is a useless GPU today. No OpenGL 2 support, no high level shading language support. What does it mean? Simply no WebGL support! For a modern netbook, that sucks!

The good point is the support of USB key boot. You can install any operating system on an USB key without having to pay for an additional DVD reader. But if you want to create a Win7 starter rescue disk, you have to pay for a 32GB USB key while only 18GB of files are required for the rescue disk. Not cool… But if you don’t care about Win7, you can quickly install Linux Ubuntu (arounbd 10 minutes) and you will enjoy virtual desktops for an improved surfing experience!

And if you like the blue ocean color, then this is your netbook 😉

HP Mini 210-2100 Netbook

HP Mini 210-2100 review index:

5 thoughts on “HP Mini 210-2100 Netbook Review”

  1. Leith

    Intel sucks. AMD powered netbooks will beat the crap out of them.

    Full DX11 in a netbook, FTW.

  2. LogicPleo

    How much, 380€…

    They sell AMD HP Probook for little bit more and with Ubuntu, netbook is a toy you won’t get far with it.

  3. Eagleseye

    I bought one of these as a holiday travel spare. Fast enough to surf and do email, small enough to pack anywhere, cheap enough so you’re not devastated if some person purloins it. Also good for backing up pics in case camera gets stolen. Screen is same size as an iPAd, and guess what, it comes with a nice keyboard, an integrated case, a dual core processor and a great deal more storage for approximately half the price. Oh, and it also has USB ports and flash…..
    We also upgraded the ram to 2GB and the OS to Windows Home Premium and it works just fine for the purpose. Also great as a budget PC, just plug in a regular keyboard and a monitor up to 1080p from the VGA connection (iPad doesnt have that either).

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