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2 – HP Mini 210-2100: Window 7 Starter and Rescue Disk

HP ships the Mini 210 with Windows 7 Starter edition. The starter edition is the cheapest version of Win7 and has several limitations. One the limitation is the number of physical cores: Win7 Starter is limited to two physical cores. Cool, the N550 is a dual-core CPU…

Win7 Starter is pre-installed on the HDD. A recovery utility is included that allows to create either a bootable CD or a bootable USB key. Then in case of problems, you can reinstall Win7 thanks to the CD or the USB key. The support of bootable USB key is, from my point of view, fundamental on this kind of hardware because the HP Mini 210 does not have a CD/DVD reader. I tested the bootable USB key: I installed a Linux Ubuntu as you will see later in this article 😉

Remark 1: you need a 32GB USB key to create the bootable USB key. Actually, HP recovery utility needs 18GB for the files.

Remark 2: you can only create one rescue USB key. Once one key has been created, the recovery tool no longer wants to create another rescue disk. So be sure to get a high quality USB key for the only chance you have to make the rescue disk!

HP Mini 210-2100 review index:

5 thoughts on “HP Mini 210-2100 Netbook Review”

  1. Leith

    Intel sucks. AMD powered netbooks will beat the crap out of them.

    Full DX11 in a netbook, FTW.

  2. LogicPleo

    How much, 380€…

    They sell AMD HP Probook for little bit more and with Ubuntu, netbook is a toy you won’t get far with it.

  3. Eagleseye

    I bought one of these as a holiday travel spare. Fast enough to surf and do email, small enough to pack anywhere, cheap enough so you’re not devastated if some person purloins it. Also good for backing up pics in case camera gets stolen. Screen is same size as an iPAd, and guess what, it comes with a nice keyboard, an integrated case, a dual core processor and a great deal more storage for approximately half the price. Oh, and it also has USB ports and flash…..
    We also upgraded the ram to 2GB and the OS to Windows Home Premium and it works just fine for the purpose. Also great as a budget PC, just plug in a regular keyboard and a monitor up to 1080p from the VGA connection (iPad doesnt have that either).

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