Crysis 2: 43 Graphics Cards Compared graphics cards

Here is a big test of 43 graphics cards (from AMD Radeon HD 4650 to the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590) under Crysis 2 (Direct3D 9, 1920×1080).

I was a bit surprised to discover in the conclusion of the article that no CrossFire support is available for Crysis 2 (how is it possible after the launching of the Radeon HD 6990?)… Maybe a CrossFire profile will be available when the DX11 patch of Crysis 2 will be released 😉

The darker color is the lowest setting: Player while the brightest is the Hardcore setting. The middle color is the Advanced setting.

Crysis 2, 43 graphics cards compared

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  1. WacKEDmaN

    no GTX470?…bah…this is useless…for me atleast!

    i like that photo tho…
    would be killer if they could all be hooked up in one system!..

  2. mike kitchen

    my xfx hd 5970 plays the game amazingly fast on hardcore, load times r fast aswell, i know its not dx11, but it still looks amazin considering. the a.i is also better than crysis, it will keep me going. i like the game, just imagin if they can make a dx9 game look this good, imagain it in dx11, cant wait for the patch

  3. Psolord kicked ass once again (excuse my French :P)

    I am not sure if a specific crossfire profile is there, but my 5850s CFX scaled perfectly well, but the problem was that the was too much flickering!

    The flickering goes away if you rename Crysis2.exe to Bioshock.exe

    That’s what I did to benchmark my 5850 CFX system. I posted the link in the other thread but here it goes again.

    There’s a +78% scaling here. Nothing to shake a stick at!

    It’s also nice to see my results being close to’s. It means I didn’t do something immensely wrong (my systems were Overclocked though)! 😛

    The framerate is generally very smooth without ups and downs. We have a very well thought of game here people, with a very carefully designed game engine. I don’t understand why are people bitching about it.

    On the above link you can see the cpu usage of my Phenom II X4. How often do you see such high cpu usage these days? Finally we have a true multithreaded game. Also keep in mind that with a faster graphics card, the P2 X4 would scale even higher.

  4. Psolord


    There’s a GTX 560 Ti there mate. We know that the 560 Ti is 8% faster than the 470 so you can deduct your card’s performance from it.

  5. Psolord

    Oh one more thing. The 590 score is quite lower than my 570SLI score.

    This can be explained I guess, if they used a stock 3.33Ghz 980X. I don’t think that Crysis 2 would benefit form the extra cores.

    On the other hand, my 860 was running at 4Ghz during my benchmark and still it faced some slight CPU limits. If you jump at the end of the respective 570SLI video, you will see that the gpu usage was not at 100%, which points to cpu limits.

  6. Squall Leonhart

    its pretty sad that Crysis 2 runs around the same performance as crysis 1 and looks like something taken from the Xbox 1.

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