Crysis 2 (CryEngine 3) Key Rendering Features

Crysis 2 Key Rendering Features

Here is a paper (31-page) by Tiago Sousa (Principal R&D Graphics Engineer at Crytek) about the key rendering features of CryEngine 3 for the video game Crysis 2.

In this paper we learn some details about differences between PC version and console version. For example, on high-end PCs, almost every light source casts shadows. On consoles, the amount of lights casting shadows is limited for performance reasons. Another example is water rendering. Water rendering uses vertex displacement mapping on PC while a cheap parallax mapping is used on consoles.

You can download Crysis 2 Key Rendering Features paper HERE.

Here’s a nice set of images showing the difference between LDR (Low Dynamic Range) and HRD (High Dynamic Range) rendering: in LDR, the highlights are clipped and the dark areas lack detail:

Difference between HD and LDR rendering

11 thoughts on “Crysis 2 (CryEngine 3) Key Rendering Features”

  1. Squall Leonhart


    This game looks dated, i expect its on par with doom3.

  2. Arun

    whats the use still a Console port in PC. PC is one generation ahead of the console. When they start making new ps3 and xbox the pc would have moved two generation ahead.

  3. casper

    BTW. On a “HDR OFF” image you CAN see reflections on a car, which are barely visible on another screenshot.

  4. Dmm

    But still, that car looks like it’s made from wax and varnish paint, better if they support ray tracing.

  5. Psolord

    I think people are constantly jumping to conclusions without even having tried Crysis 2 yet.

    What’s wrong with everybody anyway?

    I have uploaded some ingame pictures here

    Play it and then judge. The game is awesome!


    I have uploaded some amateurish benchmarks here for anyone that would care

    The game runs at v.high on a mere 4850 at 1080P with 30fps+. What else can you ask?

  6. Psolord

    People are too judgemental without even having tried it.

    The game is awesome. Both as a game and technically.

    DX11 with some tess and stuff would be nice, but as long as you have fun, heh?

  7. Licaon

    @Psolord: gee, why not email me a game key so i can play the game and then judge it? see the point 😛

  8. Psolord


    I see your point but there’s a MP demo freely available for everybody. You can at least see all aspects of the engine with that.

    If the SP portion is so much important for you, oh come on download the sucker and if you like it buy it.

    Some youtube videos would help as well, although I can understand you don’t get the exact feeling. The MP demo plus SP videos should do the trick though.

    In any case, don’t judge if you haven’t tried. That’s the sensible thing to do!

  9. Arun

    Hey guys i take back my words i have said earler .. The game really Rocks man the graphics even though it still uses Directx 9 its Beautiful … But still i hope to see a patch for Crysis 2 with Directx 11 support.

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