AMD System Monitor Released

AMD System Monitor + Radeon HD 6970
AMD System Monitor monitoring two Radeon HD 6970

AMD has released a new version of System Monitor, an utility that monitors the utilization of CPU, GPU, APU and system memory:

AMD System Monitor is designed to display information about your system’s AMD products, and illustrate how your PC handles different GPU and x86 workloads.

Actually, Intel and AMD CPUs are supported. I didn’t tested the version with NVIDIA cards, but according to this news, NVIDIA cards are no supported.

AMD System Monitor is convenient because it allows to see at the same time the workload of the different processors.

You can download AMD System Monitor HERE.

What’s new in AMD System Monitor – version 1.0.0:

  • Added support to identify dual-graphics hardware configurations and to show dual-graphics branding + layout
  • Added configuration to identify GPU devices
  • Added configuration to map GPU device pairs to dual-graphics configurations
  • Changed “x86” text to “CPU”
  • Moved percentages from inside GPU usage meters to above, consistent with the CPU usage meters
  • Added marketing info link, with configurable text and destination url
  • Seeded app.config configuration file with data from the provided dual-graphics configurations spreadsheet
  • Added special condition to disable dual-graphics configuration branding for systems with a single DIMM of RAM
  • Updated AMD tray icon sizes to include 32×32 and 48×48 sizes


3 thoughts on “AMD System Monitor Released”

  1. Licaon

    Maybe now it will work on AMD 790X + Athlon II X4 if not on a nVidia card, version 1.0.0 does not show anything at all. :-\

  2. JasonX

    I’m having problems installing it on an AMD 740G+Athlon II X2 + Radeon HD 5000 series.

  3. Licaon

    Yep, still useless, if it’s not crashing ( obscure error concerning some XML data and d3d9.dll ) it just an empty window.

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