(Download) GPU-Toolkit 0.1.0


Here’s a small toolkit that gathers several popular GPU tools (as well as CPU tools) in a single executable. I coded this toolkit because I use most of these tools almost each and every day and I found handier to have an unique exe than several ones…

You can download GPU-Toolkit here:


GPU-Toolkit 0.1.0 includes the following tools:

All these tools have in common to be lightweight (single executable). If you know other useful and lightweight apps, let me know and I’ll add them in GPU-Toolkit.

Remark: There are four buttons for GPU-Z because I took advantage of the new /card command parameter, introduced in GPU-Z 0.5.2, to start GPU-Z on a specific GPU.

4 thoughts on “(Download) GPU-Toolkit 0.1.0”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    cool tool!…thanks JeGX..
    having all these tools in one exe makes things so much easier..

    is there a reason why, occasionally, when hitting a button, it says it cannot start..
    everything, except nvinspector opened first time around..closed them all down..then nvinspector would load..closed it..fired up gpushark and got the message cannot start..opened GPU-Z..closed it..went back to GPU-Shark and it loaded fine..

  2. Dwane Arthur [cuggie]

    Well, that is one neat little tool box. I am some what new to computer building and fixing but even I could use it and with out any trouble. Found out lots of Info that I did not know.

    Thank You “Muchly”

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