Plane9 3D Music Visualizer

Plane9 is a free and commercial (4.95 euros) 3D visualizer. You can create your scene with an node-based editor. The scenes are saved in a readable format so you can also modify them with a text editor. Plane9 comes with more than 100 tutorial scenes and the rendering engine is based on OpenGL API.

Plane9 editor
Plane9 editor

More information and downloads: Plane9 homepage.

One thought on “Plane9 3D Music Visualizer”

  1. John Suntiger

    In love with Music Visualizers, however the Mildrop on Winamp seems to run better than the Linux ProjectM port, Do you know of anything other than Winamp 5.5 that will run in Wine or with Crossover Linux?

    FYY the Crossover 11.0.1 and Winamp 5.5 run great under Wine in Linux Kubuntu 11.10…

    One Tweak to get it going in a window properly I was just looking again at this — I know where the weird window handling
    comes from now…go into winamp’s Options->preferences->plug-ins->visualization.
    Click on milkdrop -> configure. In Common Settings->WINDOWED settings you’ll see
    the option “Integrate with winamp skin” ..turn that OFF … it should now
    handle/track the window viewport correctly…

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