GeForce GTX 590: First Picture and Detailed Specifications

GeForce GTX 590

Here are the main features of NVIDIA’s upcoming dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590:
– GPU: 2 x GF110
– GPU clock: 612MHz
– Cores: 1024 (2×512)
– Memory: 3GB GDDR5 @ 3420MHz, 2 x 384-bit
– Power connectors: dual 8-pin
– TDP: 375W

The GTX 590 will be launched on March 22 2011.

If the picture is not a fake, the GTX 590 will be similar to the GTX 295:



10 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 590: First Picture and Detailed Specifications”

  1. Promilus

    612MHz clock? That’s not so bad, but it might not be enough to make absolute victory… in fact it might even be slightly slower than 6990. But to be sure it is the best to wait :]

  2. Nikola

    Oh yes,it seems like a fake pic,and that would be obvious if we recalled nvidia’s shroud design (particularly, near to the card’s layouts).

  3. Promilus

    actually freq. is the most important as gpu performance scales almost linearly with clock speeds (so core/shaders/mem) but not with complexity (number of tmu, rops, etc). Examples? GTX460, HD4890, all those “LIGHTNING” cards.

  4. abzaman

    clock little low bt nvidias graphic quality is always better than Amd… it would giv better fps than amd 6990 if the settings r same. though amd cant bet nvidia in grphic quality bt amd smokes with its high horsepower configuration and highest clock rate at the same price point. And now All they r finally back in business……. i like it

  5. NiL

    Huh………….. 2x GTX 580 vs 2x HD 6970…….guys you know which one is best though clock speed is lower…….but remember a single GTX 580 is veryyyy close HD 5970 and dual GTX 580 is at least 15% faster than HD 6990

  6. Promilus

    @NIL – but GTX580 has clockspeed of 775MHz (IIRC) and here you got only 612MHz. Given that 6990 is much closer to dual 6970 than GTX590 to dual 580. It isn’t probably even faster than 480SLI so if those clocks are real I doubt it’ll win a victory to nv.

  7. Nikola

    you’re right,but i think that 612MHz core clock would make that card closer to HD6990 than GTX480 SLI.
    anyway Nvidia’s only chance is price, and i presume it’s impossible to be under 700$.

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