NVIDIA Inspector Available

NVIDIA Inspector

A new update of NVIDIA Inspector is available. NVIDIA Inspector is a monitoring and tweaking tool for NVIDIA-based cards only. Like GPU Caps Viewer or GPU-Z, it displays the important information in the main panel and offers other useful tools like an overclocking panel or a profile editor.

You can download the latest version of NVIDIA Inspector here:

Version changelog:

  • fixed: running MDPS wont be recovered when using webupdater (this fix applies with the next webupdate first)
  • fixed: modified profiles were not updated on create/delete profile and reset value
  • added rescan of modified profiles after importing profiles
  • reset profile now works on user created profiles too
  • decreased monitoring border width
  • further improved scan speed for modified profiles
  • massive scan speed improvement for unknown settings
  • removed scan progress dialogs
  • automatic scan for unknown settings and modified profiles on startup
  • changed the “scan for unknown settings” button behavior to just toggle the display of unknown settings (unknown values will still be listed in value selection even if unknown settings display is not activated)
  • possible fix: application crash on profile settings start occured on a few systems
  • HOTFIX: some modified profiles were not found

Homepage: NVIDIA Inspector 1.95 – Tool.

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