AMD Catalyst 11.2 WHQL Available

AMD Catalyst 11.2 + ASUS HD 6950 + GPU Caps Viewer

New Catalyst 11.2 graphics drivers are available on AMD servers even if they have not been officially announced.

AMD Catalyst 11.2 information, version details

No new OpenGL extension (still 216). See here for more details. Catalyst 11.2 is an OpenGL 4.1 driver and exposes OpenCL 1.1 API via AMD APP SDK.

Catalyst 11.2 Downloads

All versions are available here: AMD Catalyst Downloads.


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11 thoughts on “AMD Catalyst 11.2 WHQL Available”

  1. Stefan

    TessMark fails to launch.
    put a copy of atig6pxx.dll e.g. from Cat11.1.a into Tessmark’s application folder

  2. Stefan

    OK,forget my posts.
    It worked after rebooting the computer.
    The Catalyst installer fooled me by not asking for a reboot.

  3. Korvin77

    and old opengl is still broken since Cat 10.4. Practically all Q2-Q3 engine games is broken. Quake II – III, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Jedi Knight II and Jedi Academy, Soldier of Fortune etc dont work on Catalysts higher than Cat 10.4

    but you say about tesselation which is used… where?

  4. JeGX Post Author

    @Frank: GPU Caps Viewer display in the first panel the OpenCL information of the first OpenCL platform and in my system, the first CL platform is NVIDIA one. I just published a test that uses all OpenCL platforms (NVIDIA, AMD and Intel) with GPU Caps Viewer: (Test) OpenCL Support Gets Better and Better.

  5. Promilus

    Korvin77 – Catalyst AI is used to detect older software and implement OGL Extension list restriction to run them correctly. If you turn it off those games may not work. However even with AI turned ON JK:JA works for me only if I change executable name to quake3.exe
    @Frank – I believe JeGX has tandem of AMD and NV cards, one for rendering and one for CUDA/PhysX testing.

  6. JeGX Post Author

    Correct, I have a Radeon HD 6950 (primary card) and a GeForce GT 240 (secondary card).

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