(Tested) ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II GPU Overclocking Session

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As you can see, there’s not an absolute overclocking setting but rather per-app settings. You can consider FurMark as a way (BUT not as the unique way) to find a very stable OC setting. And as you will see in an upcoming review, a card can be stable under FurMark but unstable under 3DMark11. The important thing to keep in mind, is that the OC setting must be stable for the set of applications you have selected.

But as I said, FurMark has no equivalent when it comes to torture the VGA cooler or the power circuitry:


And for your favorite game or 3D app, the max GPU clock will be certainly different (ex: 3DMark11: GPU: 1000MHz, VDDC: 1.112V).

{GPU: 1000MHz, VDDC: 1.112V} is ok for 3DMark but not for Unigine Heaven who needs an OC setting of {GPU: 990MHz, VDDC: 1.150V} to be stable.

When we talk about GPU overclocking, the GTX 560 Ti is a real beast, especially ASUS’s GT 560 Ti DC2. The reference GPU is 822MHz and we can run many apps at 1000MHz, putting the GTX 560 Ti ahead of the GTX 470, the HD 6950 and even the GTX 480.

The GTX 560 Ti is stable at 970MHz for the whole set of test applications (even if for some apps, 1000MHz is stable). Then the final OC award is:

ASUS GTX 560 Ti, OC Valided AWARD

The max Vcore available is 1.150V. Can we go further? Can we apply a higher Vcore and maybe find a higher OC setting for FurMark or the other 3D apps? The answer is certainly yes thanks to some modifications in the GTX 560 Ti BIOS. If possible, I will explore this topic as soon as I can for new article on GTX 560 Ti overclocking. Stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “(Tested) ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II GPU Overclocking Session”

  1. stivan

    thx m8 ur test`s has saved me time alot ot time trying i have the same card sadly its not a 1000 monster but it is a beast 😛 so gona stay like this tell i get my self another for sli ^^

  2. Hilppari

    What Bios were you using for 560ti? Because my max Vcore is 1.087 only. And i’ve uptated the bios from asus website.

  3. Cobra

    Would you have remove smart doctor if OverClocking using using afterburner ?

  4. Ismail

    I got the same card but my over clock settings exceed a little more and stable =D
    i also do not cross 77 degrees in heaven and 3dmark 11.

    core voltage 1025
    core clock 1015
    shader clock 2030
    memory clock 2100

    graphics score is 5377 =]

    my rig

    i5 2500k – OC’D
    asus p8z68-v pro
    asus 560 ti – OC’D
    8gb ram (2x4g)
    500 & 300 GB hdd
    xfx 550 psu
    noctua nh d-14 cpu cooler
    azza hurrican 2000
    lg dvd drive

  5. Steffen Bo Christensen

    Heya, im kinda curious, what % RPM speed does the card run, with these OC approved Settings?

    I wanna try out this setting, but im uncertain on what the Coolers RPM speed should be to maintain stability. 🙂

  6. Burak

    @970 MHz Core
    @1940 MHz Shader
    @2250 MHz(4500 MHz in Asus Smart Doc.)Memory
    @1.062 mV—->Burn-in test:OK!

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