GeForce GTX 590 Availability will be (very) Limited


Due to the enormous power consumption of the upcoming GeForce GTX 590, this dual-GPU card will be certainly available in very limited quantity.

Why? Because NVIDIA has to select the finest GF110 GPUs, those with electrical leakage reduced to the minimum, in order to maximize the GPU clock speed without leading to an insane power draw.

Keep in mind that under FurMark, a regular GTX 580 with power draw disabled, shows a power consumption of 300W (350W when overclocked). We can’t then imagine the power consumption of a card with two GF110 GPUs…

Here are the specs of the GTX 590:
– GPU: 2 x GF110
– Shaders processors: 1024 (2 x 512)
– Textures units: 128
– Memory: 3072MB GDDR5, 2 x 384-bit
– Power consumption: > 300W!

The GTX 590 will have two 8-pin power supply connectors, and certainly a third power connector like for MSI’s GTX 480 Lightning


10 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 590 Availability will be (very) Limited”

  1. msweed4life

    nvidia 2x GF110 GPU TDP 300W?
    power consumption is a lot!

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  3. Leith

    Will it be possible to overclock back to 580 clocks? then you will get 600+W!

  4. DrBalthar

    This is a laugh. Sorry but nVidia completely lost it! They haven’t understood that bigger == better is a thing of the past.

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  9. Steven

    That’s crazy… I really wanted one of these too. I really hope I can get the money while they’re still available. (Especially from Best Buy)

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