PS3 Realtime Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer

All the computations are done using the SPU’s of the Cell processor. The generator is able to render more than 10 frames per second, and for some parts of the Mandelbrot set the framerate can achieve 60 fps 😉

It works as an installable package, to be installed from USB storage via the “Install Package File” game menu option of jailbroken PS3’s.

Pouetlink: Realtime Mandelbrot Fractal Zoomer by Sector One

More information on author’s blog HERE.


4 thoughts on “PS3 Realtime Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer”

  1. DobarDabar

    I guess this is very shalow mandelbrot shader model 3.0 with float precision. Why is this such a big news?
    Manderlbrots are like hello world for graphics programmer (IQ quoted) 😉

  2. Korvin77

    psh my 4850 does PS3. anyway PS3 is older than Radeon 4850 so it is not shame )))

  3. Leith Bade

    How many FPS can the 580 get on Mandelbrot? It has to be over 200…

  4. DobarDabar

    It depends on mandelbrot position and zoom. I made it in SM5.0 and it varies with 580 from 19 to >1000.

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