10 thoughts on “AMD Radeon HD 6990: More New Pictures!”

  1. Leith Bade

    Makes sense having the fan in the middle so both chips get equal cooling.

  2. Psolord


    Very reasonable mate. +2 xD

    Actually the fins of blower type HSF as this one, are formed in such a way, that they push air in one direction.

    The gpu core that finds itself closer to the bracket area will be getting a steady stream of air.

    Now I am pretty sure that air will not be pushed in both directions, so the second gpu, should be cooled bu the suction effect caused by the fan. Will this be enough to cool it sufficiently though? ❓

  3. Mark

    You can’t make a simetric fan design like that to be unidirectional, it is a radial fan, sucks air from above, and pump it radially.

  4. Psolord


    So what you are saying is that it will be blowing air in both directions? ❓

  5. fellix


    Your description of the turbine operation is completely wrong. Read more about the centrifuge effect.

  6. mike

    lol my xfx hd5970 has had its they lol, the poor thing has only been in my pc for the past 6 months, may she rest in peace lol

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