Serious Sam 3 Interview

Serious Sam 3

The guys at BigDownloads have interviewed Alen Ladavac, Croteam’s co-founder, about the upcoming Serious Sam 3. Okay this is not a big interview but we can notice a short passage about the Serious Engine technology:

For Serious Sam 3, what can we expect in terms of graphical features? Will it support DirectX 11 effects like tesselation and other features?

Certainly even much more than with the HD remakes. They both run on the same base engine, but there are three factors contributing to SS3 looking even better: First of all, the engine was further improved in the mean time, and it is still being improved during the development. Then, there is this artistic limitation of pre-determined content in HD games. Since we wanted to faithfully reproduce the gameplay, we couldn’t change the architectural layouts, which limited what could have been done visually with the levels, including lighting and immersiveness of the environment. Finally, of course, we’ve learned a lot in the process, so we now know how to create even better looking environments.

So tessellation or not tessellation? Humm… If I’m not wrong, Serious Sam is based on an OpenGL engine. So can we expect SS3 with an Serious OpenGL 4 engine?

Read the complete interview here.


4 thoughts on “Serious Sam 3 Interview”

  1. Korvin77

    SS 1 had GL engine but Serious Sam 2 was DX game, same as FarCry 1 had GL engine but Crysis is not GL game, same as Unreal had GL engine but UT3 has not. so I think SS3 will be pure DX.

  2. Korvin77

    Oh and I forgot about Call of Duty which also had GL engine but all next COD are pure DX/

  3. enwgido


    First, sorry for my poor english.

    FarCry 1 had DX engine (DX9 in the launch, with a patch it supports DX9c and HDR), not a opengl engine.

    Unreal 1 had developed with soft and glide 3d engine as first priority. The D3D engine was the second in priority, and the opengl engine was the last one.

    CoD 1 had opengl engine, BUT because it used the ID tech 3 engine. When this saga went to have its own engine, this was a D3D engine for the first time.

  4. DrBalthar

    When do people finally realise that OpenGL ecosystem just is still a million miles away from being as good and productive as the whole Direct3D ecosystem. It is not just the core graphics library it is all the stuff and tools around it.

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