[OpenGL] Code Samples Pack and December 2010 Drivers Status

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OpenGL 3 demo

1 – Code Samples Pack

If you need some OpenGL 3 samples, here is a nice code samples pack: OpenGL Code Samples.

I must say that the author (Michal Ziulek) has done a good job on his OpenGL code samples pack: the source codes are clean and simple, there are binaries AND all binaries work fine. Keep up the good work Michal!

I feel I will test some of these samples in GeeXLab (I’ll post the GeeXLab version of QJulia demo tomorrow) or use then in GPU Caps Viewer…

OpenGL 3 demo

OpenGL 3 demo

2 – December 2010 OpenGL drivers status

G-Truc Creation publishes an article that tries to make a sort of OpenGL check-up of December 2010 edition of NVIDIA ForceWare and AMD Catalyst graphics drivers.

At that date, I would say that nVidia drivers are OpenGL 4.0 ‘production ready’ while AMD implementation is barely OpenGL 3.2 ‘production ready’. It’s quite unfortunate to see on one hand AMD much more involve toward specification conformance but in other hand still suffering of a bad OpenGL implementation legacy. At nVidia’s, the attitude is more pragmatic and I don’t think that we can really rely on nVidia implementation as an OpenGL reference implementation but the team is so fast to fix the reported issues that nVidia approach remains incredibly effective.

4 thoughts on “[OpenGL] Code Samples Pack and December 2010 Drivers Status”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    “AND all binaries work fine”…

    i managed to crash the multi-window test by moving one of the windows!

    thanks for the link JeGX..these will come in handy when i finally get around to building my own stuff

  2. WacKEDmaN

    …holy crap!…just left the Fractal Flames test running for the past 5mins….could smell something weird…checked the GPU temp…. 106c!…but its still stable!…turn on animate, and the temp jumped upto 108c..and still stable!..
    furkmark/kombuster hit only 98-99c then crash the whole system…weird..

    summer in australia sucks for overclocking!

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