A Cluster with 1760 PlayStation 3 for the US Army

Condor Cluster - 1760 PS3

This cluster (localized at the Air Force Research Laboratory — New York), made up of 1760 Sony PlayStation 3 and codenamed the Condor Cluster, will allow very fast analysis of large high-resolution imagery (billions of pixels a minute). What took several hours takes now few seconds! The Condor Cluster runs under Linux.

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7 thoughts on “A Cluster with 1760 PlayStation 3 for the US Army”

  1. Stefan

    @ fool_gamer
    There is simply no Linux for XBOX360 available, except from some hack attempts.

    What i’d really like to know is what happened to Saddam Hussein’s 4000 PS2 consoles and what he did with them in first place?

  2. UnrealPHD Game Studio

    Fantastic, we need something like this to test our newest next-gen game title on!!!
    It makes me wonder if they can still put a game into one of the PS3s and play?

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