(UPDATE) Radeon HD 6970 has a TDP Less Than 300W, 1536 SP and 2.7 TFLOPS

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According to sources over the web, the upcoming Radeon HD 6970, based on the Cayman GPU, features 1536 scalar processors dispatched in 24 SIMD (64 SP per SIMD, new architecture compared to Radeon HD 5870 which has 80 SP per SIMD), a core clock of 880MHz, 96 texture units and 2GB of GDDR5 memory 256-bit.

Update (2010.12.10): here are the latest speculations from Beyond3D forums:
– HD 6950 (Cayman PRO): 1408 SP (22 SIMD)
– HD 6970 (Cayman XT): 1536 SP (24 SIMD)

The compute power of the HD6970 is 2.7 TFLOPS (like the HD 5870):

GPU compute power comparison

In the power consumption side, the HD 6970 has a TDP less than 300W. Actually the HD 6970 will have three levels of power consumption controlled by a new feature called PowerTune:
– Maximum Power
– Typical Gaming Power
– Typical Idle Power

Humm… Typical gaming power I see but maximum power? For FurMark-like apps?

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12 thoughts on “(UPDATE) Radeon HD 6970 has a TDP Less Than 300W, 1536 SP and 2.7 TFLOPS”

  1. wtf

    are u kidding me, 6970 is slower than 5970 :S? I thought it was gonna kick Nvidia’s ass

  2. iPristy

    That results are plausible but not confirmed, and still 6990 will came so…what for it!

  3. Psolord

    Jego, a friendly advice: Please don’t quote fuad. Your site and reputation is much better than his. Don’t spoil it please!

  4. Hulu

    1536 SPs? AMD already has confirmed 1920. Where are you getting this info from?

  5. JeGX Post Author

    @Hulu: do you have a link about AMD’s confirmation? From what I read on B3D forums, 1536 SP seems ok for the HD 6970.

  6. Zorg

    Many user misunderstand the PowerTune. This is a feature that allows you to controll your power consuption. Lets take an example. If PowerTune is validate to 130-250 watts. You can choose between maximal performance or minimal power use. This is absolutely user configurable. If you want to run the game fast, choose the max setting and the card will eat ~250 watts, if you don’t bother about loosing some FPS, use the minimal setting, and the card only eat ~130 watts. Of course you can able to choose other options between max and min settings.

  7. ShoppingCaRT

    It’s amazing how fast Fudzilla’s made up articles make their way around the web. True or not, there is absolutely no fact to this farce.

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