More Power With EVGA Power Boost

EVGA Power Boost

If the power delivered by the PCI Express slot is not enough to feed your graphics card (high-end GeForce GTX 580/GTX 570?), EVGA has the solution: Power Boost, a small connector, plugged in a PCI Express slot, and that provides the additional power needed by your greedy GPU. This small connector takes the power via a molex connector. I wonder what kind of app + card need this extra power? More information later…

4 thoughts on “More Power With EVGA Power Boost”

  1. RazorBurn

    I Dont need that Molex Connector anymore.. My GTX 580 is directly connected to a Nuclear Power Plant..

  2. WacKEDmaN

    hmm.. i wonder too! :p

    bring your super-semiconducting cooling solutions!

  3. zooterboy

    What kind of app+card? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say….Crysis 2.

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