Antec HCP 1200W PSU Can Handle Quad SLI GTX 580 OC Stressed by FurMark

[youtube AtZdg3PvSQU]

Here is video showing four overclocked MSI GTX 580 in a 4-way SLI stressed by FurMark 1.8.2. The CPU is stressed by Prime95. According to the power analyzer, the power consumption of the whole system is around 2200W. The thing that remains unclear for me is that only one PSU is used to power the whole system. Okay, the PSU is an Antec HCP (High Current Pro) 1200W but 2200W is nearly twice the power of the Antec PSU. On the PSU, we can read: AC input: 100V-240V/15A-7A. For an input voltage of 240V, the maximum current is 7A: 240×7 = 1680W. We are still far from 2200W. Seems the 2200W are wrong or simple the HCP 1200W is a real kick-ass PSU! If someone can bring a clarification about this video…

Antec HCP 1200W

PSU : Antec HCP1200W (Retail Version)
CPU : 980x
VGA : MSI GTX580 4way SLI
MB : Gigabyte UD9
HDD : Adata S599 100GB
RAM : Adata XPG + 2200 CL8 2GBx3
Cooler : Antec Kuhler Flow + Formula 7 Paste
Dimas Benchtable

Settings : Using Prime95 & Furmark to make whole system with 100% loading

GTX580 Overclock to Vcore : 1.1v Core Speed : 820

Unlocked the GTX580 Furmark OCP function .

it will directly pulls 2200 watts from wall , HCP1200 also can handle it

Antec’s blog has two detailed articles about the HCP 1200W:
Technical Finesse: The High Current Pro HCP-1200
Antec High Current Pro: Under the Hood.

Antec HCP 1200W

5 thoughts on “Antec HCP 1200W PSU Can Handle Quad SLI GTX 580 OC Stressed by FurMark”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    with that much draw on the psu the effeciency will drop big time (as can be seen in the Technical Finesse blog)…that will cause more input load as watts are being wasted..that psu should only needs to pull around 2 more amps from the wall to output 2200w..which isnt a far strech..especially with the filtering this psu has

  2. WacKEDmaN

    …what i was tryin to say is..that load is being read from the wall and includes the ineffeciencies of running the psu at increased load

  3. enwgido

    100% of workload to a PSU = very low efficiency.

    If this PSU had a 85% of efficiency in its specsheet(ex.), this efficiency will be with 50% of workload.

    Take it to 100% of workload, or more, and its efficiency dropped a lot.

    70% (optimistic)of 2200W of input = 1540W.

    60% of 2200W of input = 1320W.

    50% of 2200W of input = 1100W.

    And the 2200W reading was a pike, the sustained reading that you saw in this video was +2000W.

    PD: If you are going to a behemoth system with a lot of oc´ed graphic cards in Quad-SLI, please, use your brains and BUY a PSU with a maximum wattage of 150-200% of the maximum wattage that this system requires to run with max. load. It´s about the efficiency, don´t waste useless energy.

  4. Ferky

    This PSU has an efficiency about 80% at that mentioned load (2200W AC), so the DC load is approximately 1750-1800W.

    The labeled power limitation is just a safety precaution and the real limitation is the OCP & OPP restricitions in it … which is between 1800-1900W depending on the load configuration between the main rails.

    So yes, this is a real kick-ass PSU 🙂

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