FRAPS 3.2.4 Available

FRAPS 3.2.4

The new version of the coolest screen and video capture tool for 3D applications (OpenGL and Direct3D) is available.

You can download FRAPS 3.2.4 here: FRAPS download.

FRAPS 3.2.4 changelog:
– Added support for D3D10 and D3D11 stereoscopic 3D Vision capture
– Fixed counter appearing on Windows Live 2011 apps
– Fixed inverted colors in video captured from some DX10 games
– Fixed DWM capture jumping between multiple monitors on Windows 7
– Fixed flickering counter in some OpenGL applications
– Fixed mouse offset in 3D browser apps
– Fixed FRAPS.EXE not appearing signed on some Windows 7 installations
– Fixed systray icon not turning pink in loop recording mode.
– Fixed startup crash on 24-core CPU systems
– Added support for Win7 SP1 RC
– Other minor bug/stability fixes


5 thoughts on “FRAPS 3.2.4 Available”

  1. psolord

    I wonder if they could ever include some CUDA or Stream support for better/faster recording, with maybe some real time compression, so that even slower HDDs can cope with 1080P/60fps recording or higher.

    Still, that stupid Windows Live bug is a welcome fix, lol.

  2. Chrisad

    Fraps sucks!
    If you want used to Fraps, go to buy a Hard drive to record your movies because Fraps need two HD for reading data speedly!

  3. Psolord


    You don’t say clearly what you want to say, but I got the fraps sucks part.

    Well, it doesn’t. You can get very decent recordings at 1080P/60fps as it is, by just recording on a cheap Deskstar 2TB drive.

    All you need to do, is create a first partition of 100-200GB, so to always have the first part of the disk available, which is the fastest and you are good to go.

    For example you could watch my todays Nail’d video

    As you can see the whole system kept a very acceptable framerate while recording. It couldn’t do that if fraps sucked.

  4. ..........

    Good, Fraps no longer records Firefox 4 with inverted colours.

  5. Baloenga

    Hahaha, you think Fraps sucks? Try finding a better app for this, Fraps is the best there is

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