(Demoscene) 38644: Mandelbulb in 1024 Bytes (OpenGL/GLSL)

38644: Mandelbulb in 1K (OpenGL/GLSL)

One member of the Titan demogroup has coded an OpenGL 1k intro (1024 bytes) that draws a Mandelbrot set in 3D, or Mandelbuld (based on a GLSL ray tracer or something like this I guess).

You can download this intro here: 38644 by Titan.

Big pictures of this intro are available here: 38644: Mandelbulb 1k (3 pictures total)

Quick benchmark: 1280×1024, 20 seconds

  • GeForce GTX 480: 508 frames, min FPS:19, max FPS: 31, avg FPS: 25.400
  • Sapphire Radeon HD 6870: 508 frames, min FPS: 24, max FPS: 27, avg FPS: 25.400


3 thoughts on “(Demoscene) 38644: Mandelbulb in 1024 Bytes (OpenGL/GLSL)”

  1. shastar

    very impressive, and more with OpenGL .. I now use most of the time opengl. Before, I used the directx that is a little more easier. But discovered that opengl is better in almost every way. and it is multiplatform. I hope to opengl gets more attention now that they have actually been put into gear to get the platform to exploit today’s hardware better, again.

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