[GPU Tool] GPU Observer 3.7 Sidebar Gadget

GPU Observer 3.7 Sidebar Gadget

GPU Observer is a cool and useful sidebar gadget (Vista / Seven). GPU Observer is a monitoring tool for NVIDIA GeForce and AMD/ATI Radeon cards, and displays the main information about your graphics hardware: GPU temperature, GPU load, memory load and fan speed.

This new version 3.7 has been updated for the Radeon HD 6800 series.
You can download it here: GPU Observer Gadget – Version 3.7.


13 thoughts on “[GPU Tool] GPU Observer 3.7 Sidebar Gadget”

  1. Squall Leonhart

    like most tools, this causes issues with the fan speed and can even cause blackscreen driver crashes if run alongside another sensor tool.

  2. WacKEDmaN

    ive been using this since i got my 470..havent had a fan or blackscreen issue using it

  3. lol

    this gadget is not working for me. i have crossfire 6850’s and all it will show is the tempreture..

  4. Baralis

    I have a gigabyte 6850 and unfortunately this gadget does not recognize my GPU.

  5. gamer

    Just installed a XFX 6870 2gb card. . . gave this gadget a try, and it does not work.

  6. Theblooper

    got a radeon hd 6670 and seems like it doesnt support it as well QQ

  7. Scott

    Not recognizing my Gigabyte HD 6850 running under Win 7 64 bit. 🙁

  8. rd11

    Confirmed not working with my 6850 XFX + Win x64 and 12.4 drivers.
    Sad really, it worked nicely with my 5770. 🙂

  9. cartmill

    doesn’t work with asus radeon 6850 + win7x64 and latest drivers, after downloading from the link that says “updated to work with radeon 6800 series”

  10. DragonGnome

    so its not just me thats havin trouble with the 1gb 6850 on Win 7 x64. Just built a new computer and lookin for a working video card monitor gadget.

    AMD 8 core 3.1GHz Black Edition (OC to 3.8GHz)
    16 GB ram
    Radeon HD 6850 1GB
    5.75 TB hdd total 😀
    ZBoard gaming keyboard
    World of Warcraft 15 button mouse

  11. Doc X

    It’s not working with:

    Sapphire HD 6850 1GB under Windows 7 64bit, Catalyst 8.960

  12. MarkF

    Works perfect with EVGA GTX760-4GB and VISTA.
    I like you can choose Fahrenheit.

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