GeForce GTX 560 GPU (GF114) will be a Full GF104

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The GeForce GTX 560 should be launched next year and will replace the current GeForce GTX 460. The GF104 GPU has 8 SMs for a total of 384 shader processors (or SP). But like for the GTX 480, the GTX 460 has only 336 SP because one SM (=48 SP) is disabled.

The GF114 (GTX 560) GPU will do the same thing than the GF110: all SM will be enabled and then the GTX 560 will have 384 SP. Actually this is not a big surprise because NVIDIA has seriously improved the GF11x design compared to the GF10x one. That’s why the GTX 580 / GF110 is a full GF100 and that’s why the GF114 will be a full GF104.


5 thoughts on “GeForce GTX 560 GPU (GF114) will be a Full GF104”

  1. Cyril

    You can’t say the GF114 will be only a GF104 with all SM activated as well as you can’t say that the GF110 is a GF100 with all SMs. It’s different revisions of the Fermi architecture.

  2. UnrealPHD Studios

    Well, sounds sweet, and sounds like it will be a great upgrade next year. The sooner the better, let us have it.

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