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GeeXLab - Qoob gallery

Qoob is a cool and tiny modelling tool for demomakers. From a simple cube you can create very artistic models with a series of commands.

From Qoob homepage:

Essentially, qoob stores modelling commands rather than the vertices and polygons of the model. This means that qoob models can have many thousands of polygons, but store in as little as 10 bytes!

Qoob is supported by GeeXLab since the version 0.2.7.

Click on the following image to check out a gallery of some cool models created with Qoob:

GeeXLab - Qoob gallery

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  1. auld

    Heh, given the models were produced in about 20 minutes 😉 they look pretty good thanks to GeeXLab.

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