AMD Ahead of NVIDIA in the Discrete GPU Market

GPU Market: AMD Ahead of NVIDIA

According to Mercury Research, NVIDIA dominates the discrete desktop GPU market (58% against 41% for AMD). But it’s another story in the discrete mobile market: AMD easily dominates NVIDIA with 61.90% against 38.10% for NVIDIA. Globally, AMD wins the discrete GPU market with 50.30% against 49.60% for NVIDIA. This survey does not include IGP (integrated graphics processors), a market where Intel is the boss.


2 thoughts on “AMD Ahead of NVIDIA in the Discrete GPU Market”

  1. Prez

    Does discrete = dedicated?
    Guess I’m not geek enough to understand.

  2. JeGX Post Author

    Discrete is a way to define dedicated GPUs like the ones on regular graphics cards, in opposition to IGP (integrated graphics processor). Discrete GPUs have their own dedicated graphics memory while IGP usually use a part of the system memory.
    Hope that helps!

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