Do You Know Buzzard? It’s Radeon HD 6870 OpenCL Device Name

GPU Caps Viewer, Radeon HD 6870, OpenCL, Buzzard
GPU Caps Viewer 1.9.3 and ASUS EAH6870 OpenCL caps

The OpenCL device name of Radeon HD 5870 is Cypress, which is also HD 5870 GPU codename. I thought that things would be the same for the new Radeon HD 6870. Well, looks like AMD’s OpenCL team has decided to change a bit the convention, and according to the last version GPU Caps Viewer, the device name (CL_DEVICE_NAME) of the Radeon HD 6870 is Buzzard (a bird, see here) instead of the expected Barts.

Definitive name or little forgetting in Catalyst 10.10 APP edition (APP stands for Accelerated Parallel Processing)? Wait for the next drivers and see…