MSI N480GTX Lightning: World Fastest Single GPU Graphics Card Launched

MSI N480GTX Lightning

MSI has officially launched the N480GTX Lightning, the ultra high end version of the GTX 480. I already talked about this card in this article: MSI GTX 480 Lightning: 16-Phase VRM and 3 Power Connectors.

Detailed information about the MSI N480GTX Lightning can be found HERE.

The press release can be found HERE

The latest Twin Frozr III thermal design to lower 18°C than the reference design
MSI has won numerous awards for its Twin Frozr thermal solution since it was launched and the new N480GTX Lightning is equipped with the latest Twin Frozr III. In addition to the MSI-exclusive 8mm SuperPipe technology and two form-in-one heat-sinks as in all Twin Frozr thermal solutions, MIS has enlarge the size of the two PWN fans from 8cm to 9cm to provide more airflow. When working under full load, Twin Frozr III lowers the GPU temperature of the N480GTX Lightning 18℃ than the reference design and thereby enhances greater OC potential.

MSI N480GTX Lightning

MSI N480GTX Lightning

The price is not known yet but you should have a talk with your bank before 😀

5 thoughts on “MSI N480GTX Lightning: World Fastest Single GPU Graphics Card Launched”

  1. Marcio

    A single gpu mais rápida do mundo…
    Com consumo e preço de twin gpu, mas com performance inferior.

  2. msweed4life

    o mercado de Vga´s é bem confuso , dessa ai nao deve vender + que 1000 unidades e olilá hehe!! ainda mais agora com a série HD6XXX , novidade pra fanboy é igual colirio pra quem fuma maconha e nao assume é uma blz e vale a pena! bye bye série GTX400 , agora os nvidiots vai td compra a série 500 essa promete dar combate. CXB

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