Radeon HD 6870 is Twice Faster than GeForce GTX 460 in MSI Kombustor

AMD Radeon HD 6870 score in MSI Kombustor
Radeon HD 6870 score in MSI Kombustor: 20113 points

I just found on [H]ard|OCP forums the MSI Kombustor 1.1.3 score of a Radeon HD 6870 (with Catalyst 10.10). The settings are 1920×1080 fullscreen, 60 seconds and unlock power draw UNCHECKED (default mode), no AA and no postfx.

I quickly ran a the same test with my GTX 460:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 score in MSI Kombustor
GeForce GTX 460 score in MSI Kombustor: 9238 points

This is interesting because MSI Kombustor like FurMark is very GPU intensive and the CPU does not affect much the final score. Of course FurMark-like tests are not representative of real 3D tests like in game rendering but it shows the GPU raw power…

At the end of the test, the Bart XT GPU reached 78°C. Since the default mode of MSI Kombustor is really soft for modern GPUs, the HD 6870 GPU could reach 90°C under a violent stress test…

I just tested Kombustor with a Radeon HD 5870 with the same settings:

Radeon HD 5870 score in MSI Kombustor
Radeon HD 5870 score in MSI Kombustor: 21947 points

With its 1120 cores, the HD 6870 is not too far from the HD 5870 (Cat 10.9)…

I also found the score for a Radeon HD 5850 (from XtremeSystems forums):

Radeon HD 5850 score in MSI Kombustor
Radeon HD 5850 score in MSI Kombustor: 20751 points

Conclusion: HD 6870 twice faster than a GTX 460? Yes it’s normal, because previous gen was already twice faster (in Kombustor…).

18 thoughts on “Radeon HD 6870 is Twice Faster than GeForce GTX 460 in MSI Kombustor”

  1. rainwilds

    Yeah nice one. Your 8600 setup has different CPU and RAM. Biased!

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  3. Psolord


    Thanks JegX for sharing. Never tested my 5850s vs my 460 to see the result though.

  4. Lordred

    Seams like a unfair comparison. Should test the 460 1gb, Still loses, but it is a more fair comparison then using the 768mb model

    My 460 1gb scores 13065 at the same settings @ default clock speeds.

  5. msweed4life

    ATI HD5850 is better than GTX460,his is fact, but the GTX460 was the best videocard already manufactured by the Nvidia, but still I prefer a classic HD5850 , be$t CXB.

  6. Nandiman

    These results are not corect because the Catalyst A.I afects results in Furmark and Kombustor. It can easily double the score. Just try the test on any 5xxx Radeon with Cat. AI enabled and then disabled to see the difference.

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  8. Don

    When I get home, I will run MSI Kombustor on my 470, which is about the same price as a 6870.

    This test was from a 6879 vs a 768 MB card, which is on average $70 CHEAPER.

    Here’s what my 470 results are on my current 1280 x 768 screen


    Will you look at that, the 470 is more than twice as fast as the 6870.

  9. stivan

    ya sure thats why my gtx260 did more than ur gtx460 c2d ftw ! get that card on a i7 with 4cores and run it on the same speed as the 6k card then tell us that a 200$ card is bad for its buck -,-

  10. stivan

    and by speed i mean run the ccore i7 on the same speed that u did with the 6k card i didnt mean the card it self.

  11. Jordan

    don’t mean to be an ass but your 460 GTX was not running the same resolution your fail ass bench has no relation to this that 46k score is falsified sorry to point out an nvidia fanboy
    but it happens a lot i use an alienware Nvidia 260GTX 1.8 gb Vram and it runs almost double those low res scores easily

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