Zalman ZM-VPM1: VGA Power Consumption Meter

Zalman ZM-VPM1: VGA Power Consumption Meter

I just discovered this cool gadget: the Zalman’s ZM-VPM1. The ZM-VPM1 is a VGA power consumption meter (wattmeter in short 😉 ) for your graphics card. The ZM-VPM1 comes with a gender converter you plug between the graphics card and the PSU that allows the ZM-VPM1 to measure the voltage and current intensity in order to get the power consumption.

Zalman ZM-VPM1: VGA Power Consumption Meter

Zalman ZM-VPM1: Gender converter

According to the docs, the gender converter seems to support only 6+2pin. So either two gender converters are required for cards with two 6-pin or 6-pin + 8-pin power connectors or two ZM-VPM1, one for each power connector…

And what about the power consumption at the PCI Express slot level?

3 thoughts on “Zalman ZM-VPM1: VGA Power Consumption Meter”

  1. WacKEDmaN

    yeah seems the design team didnt put too much thought into this product. 6+2pin isnt enough..aswell as the pci-e power

    would probably be cheaper to hook up a digital multimeter..and calculate it manually!

  2. plipz

    I’ve read that the PCIe slot delivers 75W of power, so just add that value to the value displayed by the gadget.

  3. DriverVoIP

    I will buy a power meter for 1Gb DDR-5 ZOTAC GeForce GTS450
    but it has a capacity of 258 watts (max) and the device has a range of 10 ~ 240Wt
    will operate GeForce GTS450?
    thanks for the help 🙂

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