NVIDIA 2011 GPU Roadmap: GF110, GF112 and GF119

NVIDIA 2011 GPU Roadmap

Three new GPUs for the 6 first months of 2011: GF110 (768 cores, 512-bit memory bus width) to replace the current GTX 470/480, GF112 (384 cores, 320-bit memory bus width) to update the current GTX 460 and GF119 (96 cores, 64-bit memory bus width) to refresh GT 430 type cards.


6 thoughts on “NVIDIA 2011 GPU Roadmap: GF110, GF112 and GF119”

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  2. Psolord

    That 1H/2011 worries me too much!

    If it was Q1 I could wait. I think I will go for Cayman. Come on this is six months we are talking man. That’s a lifetime for a gpu.

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  4. Squall Leonhart

    rubbish, don’t just make roadmaps up, theres no way the GF110 will have 768shaders, or a 512bit bus.

  5. DrBalthar

    They can’t even make a 512 shaders, the yield is too bad. Unless it is Dual-GPU card but even that would probably break PCI2.0 specs because of power consumption.

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