Benoît Mandelbrot Died Last Thursday at 85

Benoît Mandelbrot

Benoît Mandelbrot talking about fractals

Sad news for all graphics geeks, Benoît Mandelbrot, the father of computer-generated fractals (first fractal object has been discovered in 1905 by Pierre Fatou), passed away at 85 on October 14 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

Since, at Geeks3D, we often post news about Mandelbrot fractals, here is a selection of link in honor of his memory:


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2 thoughts on “Benoît Mandelbrot Died Last Thursday at 85”

  1. Korvin77

    RIP Benoît Mandelbrot. I knew nothing about him, I even thought he died long ago 🙁

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