NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 with 512 Cores in December 2010?

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Some rumors claim that NVIDIA’s second generation of DX11 (OpenGL 4) graphics hardware will be released at the end of 2010. The GeForce GTX 580 based on a GF110 GPU will exploit 512 CUDA cores, 2GB of GDDR5 memory (512-bit memory bus) 128 textures units. The GTX 580 will be there to perturb the Radeon HD 6900… Can’t wait the end of the year!


22 thoughts on “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 with 512 Cores in December 2010?”

  1. Squall Leonhart

    [quote]Please no more naming mess and just call it GeForce GTX 485…[/quote]

    Get a clue about the product mmk,
    GF110 is an evolution of GF104, its not a fully unlocked GF100.

  2. DrBalthar

    Wishfull thinking of nV fanboys. The yield is shit on Fermi they can’t even get a full 384 GTX460

  3. msweed4life

    nvidia sucks!
    ATI/AMD cards awesome performance low price!!
    catalyst drivers is cool.

  4. whypeoplefight

    erm… it just a product guy… come on! if nvidia bankrupt, who gonna be pushing amd? and i’m sure at that times, gpu will be more than $1000. Without competition, the evolution of gpu will be much slower(performance, features, etc). By the way, amd driver is suck in Linux, BSD…

  5. tayga

    nvidia rocks because you can do more with that video card than just play games on it. watch HD videos (4k dosen’t work for GPU yet)(CoreAVC – CHG: Support for QuadHD resolutions(4096×4096)) but still i got a blank screen. photoshop, GPU computing and browsers are taking over the GPU but still buggy like if something messes up over the video card your whole screen will freese & nothing will work :< happend with IE9

  6. Ted

    I love ATI lovers/Nvidia bashers. Nvidia has always been the choice for hard core custom PC users. You could throw an ATI (AMD) card at me, tell me it is 500 X faster than any Nvidia, $200 less and I’d still grab an Nvidia. ONE reaosn. DRIVERS> ATI Drivers are pure garbage. I took the plunge and bought a 5750HD For my HTOC and regret it ever since. Never has so many BSODS in my life due to ATI drivers.

  7. Korvin77

    don’t know about CUDA but ATI Stream is completely useless and unused at all, I mean, I just DO NOT believe in GPU computing for home users. I know only one app that uses ATIStream – Cyberlink MediaEspresso for video converting but it actually uses approx. 30-40% of GPU power and I was not impressed of its speed at all. that’s why this name ‘CUDA cores’ just pisses me off to death >:|

  8. filip007

    Another 9800GTX+ overkill i guess, just too much speed to handle.

  9. twistedneck

    ATI Stream is not well supported – the exact opposite is true for CUDA. Just about every video converting software, video editing software, and now even music mastering support CUDA because it was adopted very early on and still no way open CL direct compute or ati stream can compete.

    This card is essentially a gf104 up sized, as such it will fly and that is why 6890 (cayman) has got to blow the doors off of it to keep its market lead, ATI knows its the horsepower they have, not the drivers, compiler, or api.

  10. Jspr

    “nvidia sucks!
    ATI/AMD cards awesome performance low price!!
    catalyst drivers is cool.”

    Ahh, we have an expert here! Btw, catalyst drivers suck! And I would’t say that hd5850 that I bought was cheap. I bought ati just because nvidia couldn’t get its own toys out. Amd/ati gpus are usually fine for playing, but if you want to do something else with your gpu, like something cool, you need nvidia.

  11. Toto

    Hum,… all this is only rumors. You can follow all references and you never find any details about the source of these rumors.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is as valid as the previous rumors of the GTX 485 (last June) …

  12. Sachin

    Cuda rocks

    nVidia rocks

    ati sucks the FP16 bastards

    nothing can match the quality of a nvidia card

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  14. John

    I am not a NVIDIA basher but when I read that they have better drivers (Ted) you apparently don’t know that NVIDIA had to pull one of their driver off the web site because it caused a short with the fan circuit and shorted out the cards (I had one)but in all the years I have used ATI cards this never happened even back in the Mach32 days. Kadoo’s for ATI.

  15. Skooterfd

    Not any more, They must have caught the mistake and pulled the listing for it! Now GTX 480 is on top!

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