[Demoscene] Incubation: a Very Cubic 64k Prod

Incubation is the proof that you can do very nice things with simple cubes when you have imagination! Incubation is a cool prod only based on cubes.

You can download it HERE.

The french demogroug CTRL-ALT-TEST has published a small article about their OpenGL baby with some coding details.

Some groups (e.g. Farbrausch, Conspiracy, Fairlight) create their demos with a tool, while other groups like ASD prefer pure code. In Incubation, everything is hard-coded, but we used some tricks to improve our productivity and reduce the number of compilations. When the code is compiled in debug-mode, many shortcuts are available, such as time-control (play, pause, backward, forward), and camera control with mouse and keyboard. Camera data is stored in an array, and we use a spline to interpolate positions (thanks IQ!). This array is in a separate file: In debug-mode, we can reload it at any time; in release, the file is simply included. The same goes for the light position.

They even posted some stats about the ingredients of their 64k demo:

  • Music: 15.5k
  • Textures: 10k
  • Camera data: 4k
  • Animations data: 5k
  • Shaders: 3.5k

You can read all crunchy details about Incubation HERE