Piles of Objects in Multibody Simulations

Here is a method to speed-up the simulation of pile of objects (multibody simulation):

We present a method for directly modeling piles of objects in multibody simulations. Piles of objects represent some of the more interesting, but also most time-consuming portion of simulation. We propose a method for reducing computation in many of these situations by explicitly modeling the piles that the objects may form into. By modeling pile behavior rather than the behavior of all individual objects, we can achieve realistic results in less time, and without directly modeling the frictional component that leads to desired pile shapes. Our method is simple to implement and can be easily integrated with existing rigid body simulations. We observe notable speedups in several rigid body examples, and generate a wider variety of piled structures than possible with strict impulse-based simulation.

A 6-page PDF file that describes the method is available HERE.

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