First Picture of the Radeon HD 6870

Radeon HD 6870

Here is one of the first picture of the upcoming Radeon HD 6870 based on the Bart GPU, that will replace the current HD 5770… According to the rumors, the HD 6870 will have 960 shader processors.

Radeon HD 6800 seriesm Bart GPU


7 thoughts on “First Picture of the Radeon HD 6870”

  1. Lokavidu

    hey guys, it replaces hd 5770, update the article.. hd 5870 will be replaced by 6970 and hd 5970 by 6990

  2. filip007

    Something is missing like a red Ruby ass and black Ruby ass on 6970 that’s for sure.

  3. dudu

    Wow it’s small….
    I wonder if could even superpass a GT240 in OpenCL …

  4. WacKEDmaN

    …im wondering why nvidia has chosen to make their cards and drivers look almost identical to the ATI/AMD cards and drivers

    would be nice to see AMD release a new Ruby demo with their new kit, not just go-fast stickers on the card!

  5. Psolord


    Yeah. Still waiting for that Cinema 2.0 Robot demo that was supposed to come out for the 4870X2. Meh!

    As for the 960 shaders, I am hearing they will me like 320 4wide actually. So essentially it will almost the same as the 5870 320 5wide shaders.

    The Cayman will be a 3 RPE part, which means 480×4 shaders. An RPE is something like Nvidia’s GPCs and features 16 ROPS, 32TMUS and 160 4wide shaders. The Barts will be a two RPE part and Cayman a 3 RPE part as I already said. The single RPE part should be Turks or Caicos. Don’t know, I’m confused with those two.

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