(Demoscene) Qoob: a Modeller for Demomakers

Qoob, Demoscene Modeller

Qoob (from the french word cube), is a tiny modeling tool for demomakers.

A simple quad/subdivision 3d modeller. All models in Qoob are built from a single
cube and all polygons are quads. It is NOT the worlds most powerful modeller.
Qoob aims to store objects in as few bytes as possible. Qoob does not care how many polygons are in the final model and there is no cost in bytes for higher polygon count. Qoob instead cares how many modelling operations you do (including picking). This usually results in much smaller byte counts for most objects. Qoob is aimed at modelling for intros.

The models generated by Qoob are small, very small: just few bytes

Size. The library (just 2kilobytes) and models (just a few bytes) are tiny.In fact I believe that no mesh compression could beat qoob model size for the same models. Qoob models may contain thousands of polygons but be stored in a few tens of bytes. Qoob turns out to be topology sensitive. The more “limbs” or “details” a model has, the more bytes are needed to store. This is, in some way, optimal.

There is a C SDK (header + lib) that allows to load Qoob models in your app.
I’ll try to contact the author to get a version of this SDK for using it in GeeXLab.

I successfully tested Qoob on a GTX 460 + R260.63 + Win7 64-bit.

More information about Qoob and download: Qoob: Tiny 3d modeller and Library

Qoob, Demoscene Modeller

7 thoughts on “(Demoscene) Qoob: a Modeller for Demomakers”

  1. auld

    Thanks for the article JeGX.

    I should add qoob should be judged in context. It is NOT the greatest fully featured modeller on the planet because it aims at size. That said, I’m often surprised what it can do.

    Download of the modeller for trial is now available. The sdk will be a little more time.


  2. Reavenk

    Ah, so like .Werkkzeug where you do Wings3D like things but just store the operations stack.

    @Auld: Do you eventually plan to support a greater scope of what .Werkkzeug has, such as materials and skinned (procedural) animations?

  3. auld

    @Reavenk: never used .werkkzeug so I cant compare right now but I’ll check it out. It would be interesting to compare model sizes for the same model as well as features.

    Qoob is about storing geometry as small as possible – thats what interests me most, not making the worlds most complete modeller.

    So for the future the most likely things I’ll do are: go minimalist on the lib and try to achieve a 4k suitable version (read lib+models in 1k, compressed) and new modelling techniques that might compress better or give models that are much more complex geometry in the same space (a few hundred bytes).

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