Rendering Stereographic 3D Images in Cylindrical Spaces With OGRE

Demonstrations of the system developed for a master´s thesis at the iCinema centre (Sydney, 2010).

Main features of the system:

– Synchronization of multiple computers, not only at frame level but also animations and videoclips.

– Real time performance.

– Omnidirectional stereo, so multiple users can perceive a correct 3D projection of the panoramic scene.

– A real cylindrical projection is used, as opposite to the most common approach consisting in approaching the curved surface by means of multiple planar projections. By using multiple projections more rendering passes are necessary, and also imperfections and artifacts can appear (and can become very obvious under some circumstances). These are avoided with the curvilinear approach proposed while being more efficient as well.

– Multiple features implemented/adapted for curvilinear spaces such as text, BSP´s, Paged geometry, panoramic images and video, Bump-mapping, billboards, Per-pixel illumination (Phong´s shading) and so forth.